Brownfield Redevelopment

Brownfields are properties with confirmed or suspected contamination which limits their expansion or redevelopment.  Industry and economic dynamics over the past decade, increased demand for optimal strategic positioning, shifting demographics, and evolving consumer behavior have opened doors for those firms that are highly specialized and leading edge.

Viridian’s success is benchmarked on our ability to help clients control and mitigate the risks associated with contaminated property. We follow strict guidelines and a thorough environmental risk management process for each asset. We employ multiple layers of protection to mitigate and transfer environmental liabilities, and can arrange risk transfers for property owners who want to sell their real estate assets as well as for owners who want to retain control of their properties.

Through our creative process, we develop specific strategies for strengthening compelling real estate assets and clearly positioning them in the marketplace, in keeping with clients overall investment objectives.  We then execute those strategies through targeted planning, design and redevelopment programs.

In the current era of consolidation and renewal of real properties, and the need to maximize the profit and performance of existing projects, our personal approach and proven asset enhancement skills, coupled with traditional “hands-on” project management, can significantly enhance property values

Viridian has assisted numerous clients of all types through New Jersey's extensive environmental regulations. We have prepared and obtained redevelopment permits, remedial investigation reports and work plans, deed notices, classification exception areas (CEAs), and biennial certificates for several projects throughout New Jersey and the Northeast.

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