Mobile Lab Services

Viridian field service is an industry-leading provider of environmental laboratories. Our services include many forms of field sampling techniques and on-site analysis for vapor intrusion projects. In addition, our certified mobile labs provide rapid site assessment of soil and ground water contamination for delineation and remediation projects.

Viridian’s staff was trained by Dr. Blayne Hartman, a piorneer in the use of mobile labs for soil vapor projects.

The mobile lab can:

• VOC Analysis by EPA Method 8021 and EPA 8260
• Metals Analysis by XRF
• Detect Methane, Hydrocarbons, Other Gases
• Detect Tracer/Leak Compounds
• Typically Run >40 Analysis per Day
• Provides Chemist/Consultant in the Field
• Supports Vapor/ Indoor Air Risk Assessment

As well the mobile lab:

• Minimizes field expenses by reducing mob/demob costs
• Provides real time data for cost effective decision making
• Helps determine optimum sampling locations
• Optimizes sample integrity
• Allows for on-site analysis for leak/tracer compounds
• Supports risk assessment for upward vapor intrusion and indoor air quality

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